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Cucumber Melon Wax Melt - Soy Wax

Cucumber Melon Wax Melt - Soy Wax

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Try this cool and refreshing Cucumber Melon Wax Melt - it's the perfect way to add a fruity, summery scent to your space! Our soy wax melt is all-natural, long-lasting, and sure to give you a whiff of your favorite summery fruit! What are you waiting for? Get your cucumbers and melons in order while they last!

  • Hand Poured.
  • 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • Contains NO dyes, all of our candles are natural in color
  • We use the maximum amount of high quality fragrance the wax will hold, so you will get the best hot and cold scent throw.
  • Each package provides approximately 40-60 hours of fragrance.

How to use:  Each container breaks up into six separate 1" squares of melts.  Place a couple of melt squares in your electric or tealight warmer. They will melt into a liquid and the fragrance will fill your room.  When you no longer smell the fragrance, let the wax cool and dispose of properly in trash can.  Do not pour wax down the drain, it can clog your drains.  You can also mix different wax cubes to create your own unique scent.

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